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What We Do

At Quinn Construction, we excel as general contractors, collaborating closely with project architects to deliver comprehensive construction solutions. Our services include the entire project lifecycle, from securing building permits and site development to construction and final landscaping.

We’ll ensure your project stays on schedule by coordinating with your building team, employing highly skilled tradespeople, and maintaining a safe work environment. Our quality steel building systems offer unmatched flexibility, featuring spacious interiors, diverse bay sizes, adjustable eave heights, roof slopes, and customizable exteriors to meet your facility and budget requirements seamlessly.

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Working with Quinn Construction gives you a single source for all of your facility construction needs. By coordinating directly with a project design team, we can combine the design and build functions to maximize communication, minimize confusion, and put your entire project on the fast track to completion. It is simply the fastest, most efficient, and most cost-effective way to build.

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This chart demonstrates how the Design-Build method streamlines the building process and can “fast track” your project. While we’re applying for grading permits and working drawings are being finalized, foundations can be poured and decisions can be made about the building’s interior.


Experience the benefits of using the Design-Build process:

  • Single-source responsibility
  • Project costs established sooner
  • Condensed construction schedules
  • More innovative solutions
  • Greater control
  • Team approach
  • More experience
  • Unequaled quality
  • Fewer changes
  • Improved risk management
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Construction Management

By hiring Quinn Construction for your construction management, you’ll receive cost efficiency, quality control, and representation of your best interests. We manage complex on-site activity to ensure cooperation among the entire Design-Build team and meet critical schedules and budgets.

Construction management brings professional expertise and knowledge to bear directly on your project to streamline the construction process.

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Build Green

There are many reasons for choosing to build a “green” or “sustainable” building-from the savings provided by its enhanced energy efficiency to the personal satisfaction that comes from being environmentally responsible. Whatever your motivation, Quinn Construction can provide a practical solution. We have access to LEED® Accredited Professionals who are ready to assist with the design of your building.

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Of course, choosing a sustainable building design makes sense only if it can be delivered within your budget. Our ability to offer Butler® steel buildings makes sustainable building affordable. Butler combines the inherent green benefits of steel with the company’s own green systems and practices.

The result is a building that

  1. Contains a high percentage of recycled material and is itself recyclable;
  2. Optimizes the use of raw materials;
  3. Is energy efficient; and
  4. Can help you achieve LEED® certification.

LEED® is a trademark of the US Green Building Council.

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